Why Order From Num Num Delivery

There are many home delivery grocery services. Why should you use Num Num Delivery?

We started Num Num Delivery in August 2020 because we wanted to help people in these unprecedented times by providing access to healthy, farm-to-table produce as well as time-saving service.

As we went into fall/winter, the local farms stopped producing for the season. We have sourced and continued to select high quality foods grown locally (when possible) and imported, mainly organic and to deliver it right to your door. We have also expanded our offerings by sourcing organic dairy products and great tasting locally-made products such as vegan burgers.

Our mission is to save you time, energy and money so you can focus on other important things.

Premium Full-Service

  • we source the freshest, best quality products for you
  • we personally procure your products for you
  • we provide on-time delivery to your door
  • we treat you as an individual, with your individual needs
  • we will work with you personally to build your recurring custom order
  • if you don’t see something on our online shop,
    let us know and we’ll do our best to source it for you
Grocery List


Save time:

  • think about how much time to takes to go grocery shopping – we are all busy with family and work obligations
  • avoid long line ups at stores with a number of people limitations due to Covid-19
  • caring for elderly loved ones? Order their groceries from our online shop and we’ll take care of procuring and delivering to your loved ones.

Save money:

  • reduce waste and order only what you need
  • avoid impulse buying
  • reduce take out and eating out

Save health:

  • eating good quality food gives you essential nutrients and energy
  • having fresh, tasty food on hand motivates you to cook healthy meals rather than eating fast food or processed foods


  • shop from the comfort of your own home at any time
  • not dependent on store open hours
  • avoid going out in cold, rainy weather
  • if you don’t have a car, avoid transiting with heavy bags or paying for car-sharing
  • make sure elderly loved ones are getting the groceries they need by setting up regularly recurring orders
  • Set up regularly recurring orders for yourself so you don’t have to worry about having the basics during hectic weeks – we’ve all forgotten to buy milk or bread at least once!
  • avoid the stress of shopping
  • Eat healthy and fresh meals.


  • reduce exposure and risks of coming into contact with viruses like Covid-19 or the seasonal flu
  • avoid crowded streets and stores
Delivery areas


I have now received 4 deliveries of the freshest organic local produce. I love the quality and convenience of the service and the variety of fruits and vegetables they source for local farmers. Give them a try for weekly fresh delivery to your door!

Corinne A.,

Everything I’ve ordered so far is excellent in quality and taste. Also everything is grown or made locally which is another’ bonus. Very prompt and courteous communication and delivery. Would highly recommend this company to others.

Lizanne K.,

I love food, who doesn’t? To have great food delivered right to your door Is something quite amazing!
Outstanding product and great service! I will order again!

Mike D.,


Your feedback means a lot to us and we really appreciate your taking the time to give us a review.