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Seasoning Blend - Rustic Rub Herbs (Salt Free) - 1 ea

$5.25 $5.50

Seasoning Blend - Rustic Rub (Salt-Free) Herbs - 1 ea (110g glass jar)


Springtime means two herbs are coming on: chives and mint. The two pair well; the earthy, robust chive balances with the light-hearted mint with added savoury cumin and spicy peppers and garlic and the secret ingredient: coffee!


Use: try it with dark meat or a white fish that needs a flavour boost. Want a gourmet burger? Add it to your hamburger meat.

Here’s the Rub: Reconstitute the rub by combining a few teaspoons of rub with cooking oil. Let it rest a few minutes before rubbing it onto your favourite tenderloin, tilapia, or tofu. 



Vendor: Greendale Herb & Vine, Chilliwack, BC.