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Seasoning Blend - Chili Blend Herbs (Salt Free) - 1 ea

$5.25 $5.50

Seasoning Blend - Chili Blend Herbs (Salt Free) - 1 ea (110g glass jar)


Chili peppers are a low-maintenance plant in our greenhouse that produces plenty of hot fruit! Crushed peppers are blended with chili powder, cumin, garlic, and onion to zest up any taco or chili. Try it overcooking jumbo shrimp with a squeeze of lime.

Ssh-our secret ingredient for added warmth: cinnamon 

Suggestions: Sprinkle into or over any recipe needing a Mexican flare, like guacamole, taco, chili, and salsa. Try sprinkling a little overcooked rice.


Vendor: Greendale Herb & Vine, Chilliwack, BC.