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Nuts, Laid Back Snacks - Sunday Cashews - 1 ea (regular 120g)


Nuts, Laid Back Snacks - Sunday Cashews - 1 ea (regular 120g)


Did someone order the mouth entertainment?!

Sunday Cashews put the 'fun' into 'Sunday-funday'.

Most of us could do with a little more play in our lives, so go ahead and enjoy these little beauties any day of the week.

Our smooth and creamy cashews are roasted in a sweet and savory blend for maximum enjoyment.

Taste revelations aside, cashews give you an extended boost of energy so you can happily fist pump your way through the rest of the day.


Dry roasted cashews, Sugars (evaporated cane juice), Tamari sauce (whole soybeans, wheat, sea salt), Sesame seeds, Sea salt, Rice vinegar, Natural flavour.

 High Protein     Vegan       Nutritionally Balanced

Vendor: Laid Back Snacks, Richmond, BC.