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Milk, Water Buffalo - 1 L


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 Milk, Water Buffalo - 1 L


Old fashioned cream top milk. 7.25% m.f. Pasteurized at low temp, but not homogenized.

Water Buffalo milk is delicious - rich, creamy, smooth, and mild.

  • 58% more Calcium
  • 40% more protein
  • 43% LESS cholesterol
  • Contains A2 Beta Casein (More digestible than A1 found in traditional cows milk)
  • High levels of natural antioxidants tocopherol
  • Rich source of phosphorus & Vitamin A


Use: shake well before using it. 

Storage: in the fridge.


Vendor: Tesfa Farms, Surrey, BC.

"All of our milk is only pasteurized, not homogenized so you will get the old-fashioned cream top!" - from Tesfa Farms.