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Honey, Cranberry & Blackberry - Raw 100% - 1 (360g) jar

$14.00 $14.50

Honey, Cranberry & Blackberry - Raw 100% - Unpasteurized - 1 jar (360g)


Raw 100% unpasteurized honey extracted from the hives of THE BOG farm's beekeeper, South Fraser Apiary. Rich in flavour with subtle notes of blackberry sweetness and cranberry tartness. Raw local honey is known for its immune-boosting and anti-allergen benefits. 


Nutritional Info/Ingredients: raw pure unpasteurized honey.


Use: add to your favourite warm beverage - tea or coffee, delicious on scones, biscuits, and toast, natural sweetener for baking and cooking.


Vendor: THE BOG Riverside Cranberry Farm, Langley, BC.