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Hand Cream - Bee Balm Soothing - 1 ea

$6.99 $7.50

Hand Cream - Bee Balm Soothing - 1 ea (in a glass jar).

Doug’s Bee Balm

How Doug creates his creamy hand balm is his secret, but he’ll share the ingredients with anyone who asks because it’s a simple list: Chilliwack Beeswax – a natural barrier, Almond oil to keep it creamy, Witch hazel for astringent action, Vitamin E for soothing and healing, and a touch of Lavender to enhance the incomparable aroma of beeswax.

Doug’s Bee Balm is free of parabens or petroleum products and made in small batches in our kitchen to ensure consistency and quality. The soothing and protective quality of beeswax is a no-risk way to help you stay comfortable in your skin!

That’s the Balm: Try placing the jar (lid removed) in the microwave for a few seconds, just until warm; it makes a warm and soothing body rub. Heating and cooling the balm does not affect the consistency of this reliable product!



Vendor: Greendale Herb & Vine, Chilliwack, BC.