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Simply Fruits Basket


Simply Fruits Basket - with love from us to you

All our gift baskets are made with the caring purpose to give a useful and simply delicious gift to people you appreciate.

All products in baskets are farm-fresh organic fruits (sometimes vegetables), and tasty healthy food products from local artisans. We hand pack all products in baskets made of natural components and cover them with a tea (kitchen) towel. We don't use plastic wrapping.

People who receive such a gift, can enjoy what is inside the basket, reuse the basket and the tea towel many times after. 


Note: The price of the basket includes a basket itself, a tea towel, and delivery in Metro Vancouver.


**Fruits Basket includes a mix of organic fresh fruits and complimentary snacks:

Organic Pineapple - 1

A mix of Organic Okanagan Apples - 3 Large 

Organic Okanagan Pears - 2 Large

Local Kiwi grown in Abbotsford - 1 - 2 

Organic Mandarins - 2 Large

Organic Orange - 1 Large

Organic Grapefruit - 1 Large

Organic Banana - 3 

Organic Grapes - 1 bunch

Cranberry Crunch (freeze-dried) - 1 ea

Chocolate Bar - 1 ea


**Please note that items in the basket may vary from the items shown on the picture depending on season, freshness, quality, and availability of products.