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Smoked Breast, Duck - 1 pc


 Smoked Breast, Duck - 1 pc (0.23 kg) in a sealed package


Fully cooked and ready to eat!

1 PER PACK || AVG. 0.23 KG Ingredients: duck breast, water, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate, spice, natural smoke.


Smoked Duck Breast - Serve thinly sliced on a meat platter, fry it up as a bacon substitute, or sear like a steak. Its delicate smoky flavour and tender texture call for the main course in any meal. 

FVSP Smoked Duck Breast has a rich, smoky flavour. It pairs wonderfully with seasonal fall and winter ingredients like squash and dark greens. Sliced paper-thin, Smoked Duck Breast will be the highlight of any charcuterie platter. Try slicing over a spring salad, or even making a smoked duck sandwich.

Raised without the use of antibiotics, in free-run barns with plenty of fresh air, aquifer water, and 100% Canadian whole grains.


Vendor: Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry, Chilliwack, BC.