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Ground Duck - Frozen - 1 ea


Ground Duck - Frozen - 1 ea (14 oz/package)


Enhance Your Signature Recipes with Ground Duck!

Pekin Duck is a luxury breed of duck that has been domesticated for thousands of years due to its delicious dark meat and firm but tender texture. Now you can elevate any meal that calls for ground meat with the unbeatable flavour of the local, lean ground duck. Taste the difference in your favourite recipes, and offer your family something unique and local from Fraser Valley farmers.

Use healthy lean ground duck in place of any recipe where you would use ground meat. Excellent in burgers, sauces, chili, and stuffing, our ground duck is a flavourful, healthy alternative to ground beef or pork.

Raised without the use of antibiotics, in free-run barns with fresh bedding added daily and plenty of fresh air, aquifer water, and 100% Canadian whole grains.


Vendor: Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry, Chilliwack, BC.