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Farmer Sausage, Duck - 1 ea


We have run out of stock for this item.

Farmer Sausage, Duck - 1 ea (avg. 0.35 kg) in a sealed package


1 PER PACK || AVG. 0.35 KG

Ingredients: duck, duck fat, sea salt, sodium nitrate, ascorbate, black pepper, natural smoke.


Duck Farmer Sausage - Ready to slice and serve on a charcuterie plate, or seared to go with perogies, our duck farmer sausage has the ideal texture and mild flavour of a sausage everyone will love (even picky kids). Duck Farmer Sausage makes a lovely alternative to pork, as it is very similar in flavour to pork sausage, but with a smoother, leaner texture.

Prepared simply using only Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry's own “Grade A” Pekin duck.

Raised without the use of antibiotics, in free-run barns with plenty of fresh air, aquifer water, and 100% Canadian whole grains.


Vendor: Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry, Chilliwack, BC.