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Breasts, Duck - Frozen - 2 pcs

$13.50 $16.00

Breasts, Duck - Frozen - 2 pcs in one sealed package


With tender dark meat, duck breasts taste incredible seared skin-side down with plenty of salt and a bit of pepper, then flipped over in the pan for just a minute – that’s it! “Grade A” Pekin duck breast tastes more like a steak than like a chicken breast, and is best-served medium-rare. Give it a try, and it will become your favourite gourmet protein.

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry's ducks are raised in the Lower Mainland in free-run barns with bedding of wood shavings, with fresh bedding every day. They are raised without antibiotics and are fed 100% Canadian whole grains with water straight from our aquifer.


Vendor: Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry, Chilliwack, BC.