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Dried Fruits - Sunshine Mango - Organic -1 ea


Dried Fruits, Laid Back Snacks - Sunshine Mango - Organic - 1 ea (regular 100g)


Mango is our happy food. It reminds us of a childhood spent eating juicy handfulls on long summer days.

Sunshine Mango is 100% organic and sweetened by the sun - not an additive in sight. This fruit features an impressive list of health benefits too.

Mango helps level out any acid build-up in the body and clears the skin of clogged pores.

One cup of sliced mangoes supplies an incredible 25 percent of your needed daily value of vitamin A. Go mango!


100% organic mango. No sweeteners or sulphates added.

No Gluten    Vegan    No Nuts


Vendor: Laid Back Snacks, Richmond, BC.