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Cucumber, Field - Mini - Organic - 1 lb

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Cucumber, Field - Mini - Organic - 1 lb (3-5 pcs depends on size)


Cucumber is actually a fruit, not a vegetable. Cucumber is 95% water, which helps your body to stay hydrated, and the anti-inflammatory compounds help to remove waste from the body. Cucumber is refreshing and light crunchy food.

Health Benefits of eating cucumbers:

  • High in nutrients and low in calories
  • Detoxify body
  • Contain antioxidants
  • Promote hydration, keep kidneys healthy
  • May lower blood sugar 


Use: can be used in combination with tomato, feta cheese, red onion, herbs, garlic, yogurt or cream, avocado, fish, and shellfish. You can make various salads; eat cucumber like a refreshing snack; use it in sandwiches, as appetizers; make cold soups and add thin slices to your water. You can also make facial masks with cucumbers and apply cucumber slices on puffy and tired eyes.  

Storage: wash cucumbers and dry them thoroughly, store cucumber in the warmest part of the fridge. It should last for up to 1 week. You can also store cucumber at room temperature and it can possibly keep crunchy and fresh for up to 1-2 weeks too.


Vendor: Various Growers in Fraser Valley and Delta, BC.