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Cranberry Sauce - 1 jar


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Cranberry Sauce - 1 jar (280g)


Cranberries are tart, tasty, and healthy for you! Packed with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants these fruits are a great natural supplement during the cold/flu season and build immunity all year round. High in fiber, they also have serious health benefits in promoting digestion, decreasing high blood pressure, preventing urinary tract infections, and helping control blood sugar.

All of the straight-up goodness of the cranberries with a tangy finish. Contains whole cooked berries for a homestyle sauce rich in flavour and colour. Lower in sugar compared to jelly varieties.


Nutritional Info/Ingredients: cranberries, water, sugar.


Use: serve with turkey, chicken, or pork. Adds delicious flavour to sweet and sour meatball sauce. Also great in baking for tarts, muffins, and bars.


Vendor: THE BOG Riverside Cranberry Farm, Langley, BC.