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Cranberries - Freeze-Dried - Kenzie's Cranberry Crunch - 1 ea


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Cranberries - Freeze-Dried - Kenzie's Cranberry Crunch - 1 ea (50g)


Flavourful and crunchy, this freeze-dried snack offers all the nutritional value of the cranberry in a unique dehydrated texture. Coated lightly with cane sugar for a pop of sweetness to compliment the tang of the natural berry. No artificial colour or sweeteners. This tasty snack will satisfy your sweet and crunchy cravings!

Nutritional Info/Ingredients: freeze-dried cranberries, cane sugar.

Suggested Uses: makes a great healthy lightweight snack perfect for hiking, survival kits, and busy lives on the go.


Product of BC / MADE IN CANADA


Vendor: The Bog Riverside Cranberry Farm, Langley, BC.