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Cottage Cheese - Organic - 1 ea


Cottage Cheese - Organic - 1 ea (500g container)


Cottage Cheese is curd cheese (white lumps) with a mild neutral flavour and smooth texture. It has a lot of calcium, which we need for good tooth and bone health. It is loaded with vitamin B12 which is important for nerve and blood cell health. Cottage cheese was a dairy queen back in 70th until yogurt came along and it has as much protein as Greek yogurt. 


Use: use cottage cheese as a high-protein filling for omelets, crepes, or stuffed peppers. You can mix it with fruits or your favourite herbs, put it on the toast. It can be added to smoothies, used in pasta dishes instead of ricotta. 

Storage: in the fridge.


Vendor: Avalon Dairy, Burnaby, BC