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Coffee, Fresh - Ethiopia, Gedeo, Gedeb - 250 g


Coffee, Fresh - Ethiopia, Gedeo, Gedeb - Fair Trade - 250 g


Specialty craft coffee roaster.

Fair Trade, Ethically Sourced Coffee from Ethiopia, Gedeo, Gedeb - 250 g

Process: Washed, Sun-Dried

Roast: Light

Flavour profile: Vanilla/Strawberry/Black Tea

Ethiopian coffees are renowned worldwide for their sweet acidity. This coffee is no exception. Produced with a fully-washed process this means that the beans are dried without any parchment, resulting in distinct flavour notes. When combined it reminds us of a strawberry-vanilla sweet tea.
This coffee originates from the Roba Family washing station located in the Gotiti kebele, which is surrounded by the Gedeb woreda (Gedeo zone). The 30-hectare area is encircled by the Banko and Raku rivers. Coffee cultivation practices in this area are dominated by indigenous agroforestry; a farming style that promotes tree and crop diversity. Meaning that coffee trees are surrounded by false banana (Enset), cereal, and fruit crops.
All coffees from this producer follow a strict quality control system, with coffee beans being farm-traceable and ethically produced.

Vendor: Kanuck Coffee, North Shore, BC.

Kanuck Coffee is the craft coffee roaster on the North Shore (in Vancouver, BC). They only source high-quality green coffee beans (scored 88+ out of 100) from around the world and perform small batch roasts to ensure tailored results and freshness of the cup.