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Coffee, Fresh, Espresso Blend - Northern Start - 250 g


Whole Bean

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Coffee, Fresh, Espresso Blend - Northern Start - Fair Trade - 250 g


Specialty craft coffee roaster.

Fair Trade, Ethically Sourced Coffee Espresso Blend, Northern Start - 250 g

Process: Mixed

Roast: Medium

Flavour profile: Bittersweet Almond/Chocolate

This espresso is blended to ensure a harmonic balance between high and low tones. The fruity chocolate roast flavours are complemented by a slightly rustic, yet still fruity, finish.

This is a sweet but punchy little cup and roasted fairly lightly. It is a pleasant shock to the palette with a great body and a smooth, sweet, stunning aftertaste.

Vendor: Kanuck Coffee, North Shore, BC.

Kanuck Coffee is the craft coffee roaster on the North Shore (in Vancouver, BC). They only source high-quality green coffee beans (scored 88+ out of 100) from around the world and perform small batch roasts to ensure tailored results and freshness of the cup.