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Coffee, Fresh - Colombia, Huila - 250 g


Coffee, Fresh - Colombia, Huila - Fair Trade - 250 g


Specialty craft coffee roaster.

Fair Trade, Ethically Sourced Coffee from Colombia, Huila - 250 g

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium

Flavour profile: Caramel/Chocolate/Tropical Fruits

This is a straight-hitting Colombian coffee. It is produced with the fully washed or wet-milled process. This means the beans are dried without any hull or parchment resulting in a cup of coffee that hits hard with a smooth cinnamon flavour.
This coffee comes from mostly small family-owned farms in the growing region of the department of Huila, Colombia. Most producers in this region will pick and process their own coffee at their own micro-wet mills and then dry their own coffee and deliver it to factories for dry milling, sorting, and packaging. The three main regions in Huila where coffee is predominantly grown include Garzon, Pitalito, and Neiva.
All coffees from this producer follow a strict quality control system, with coffee beans being farm-traceable and ethically produced.


Vendor: Kanuck Coffee, North Shore, BC.

Kanuck Coffee is the craft coffee roaster on the North Shore (in Vancouver, BC). They only source high-quality green coffee beans (scored 88+ out of 100) from around the world and perform small batch roasts to ensure tailored results and freshness of the cup.