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Beets, Golden - Organic - 1 lb


Beets, Golden - Organic - 1 lb (2-3 pcs depends on its size), loose without beet tops.

Golden (Gold, Yellow) Beets are usually sweeter than red beets. They are crunchy, and when cooked, they develop a tender, smooth consistency with a mild and sweet flavour.


Use: can be consumed raw, often shaved or shredded into salads, and soups. They can be pickled, pureed for sauces, or blended into smoothies. Golden Beets are good when steamed, roasted, or sliced and baked into thin chips. Remove skin before eating.

Storage: can keep for 2-3 weeks without tops in the crisper drawer of the fridge and up to 1 week with tops. The green leaves (beet tops), once removed, will keep 1-2 days and are recommended to be stored in a plastic bag in the fridge.


Vendor: Various Organic Farms in Fraser Valley, BC