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Num Num Delivery

About Us

Num Num Delivery brings natural, organic, antibiotics & hormone-free, no spray & pesticide-free, artificial preservatives-free locally sourced food products straight to people's homes. We are a true farm to door delivery service in Metro Vancouver.

Look at us as a connecting bridge between organic produce growers, local food producers, artisans and people who want to eat fresh quality food daily.

We had always had a desire to care for people, to give to our community, to help busy people to save such a valuable time for grocery shopping. That is why we started Num Num Delivery. We work directly with farmers located in Fraser Valley and Similkameen Valley, and with other local food producers & artisans here in British Columbia. By sourcing from local producers and farmers, we support local economy, and by delivering fresh food products to our customers in Metro Vancouver, we support our community and promote us all to eat healthy and reconnect with natural tasty delicious foods.

Our mission is to provide people an access to true natural fresh food and make people to experience simple happiness by eating tasty food which is grown, picked, packed and delivered with integrity, care and love.

Happy Num Num Customers = Happy Us!