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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions2021-01-04T22:46:04+00:00

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to set up a recurring order for my parents. Do you do recurring orders?2020-12-28T01:22:44+00:00

Yes, we do regular recurring orders. We’d be happy to set this up for you. Just send us an email.

When will my order be delivered?2020-12-28T01:22:19+00:00

We deliver on Sundays and Mondays between the hours of 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.
We will email or text you confirmation of your delivery day and delivery window shortly after you place your order. And we will text you on the day of delivery when we’re a short distance away.

I live in an apartment. Will you deliver my order to my apartment door?2020-12-28T01:21:37+00:00

Yes. If you give us access inside the building, we will bring the order to your door. Or we are happy to wait for you in the lobby. Whatever you are comfortable with.

Can you reuse the boxes that my order comes in?2020-12-28T01:20:53+00:00

Yes. We are happy to reuse the boxes. Please keep them in a dry place until your next order.

Do I have to be home for a delivery?2020-12-28T01:20:18+00:00

No. We will leave your order box wherever you tell us in your delivery instructions. Please choose a location out of direct sunlight and rain. If the outside temperature is colder than 4 degrees C, your box shouldn’t sit outside for longer than 30 minutes. If the outside temperature is warmer than 4 degrees C, your box shouldn’t sit outside for longer than 2 hours.
If you have ordered items that require refrigeration (like dairy), you may want to leave out a cooler with ice packs. We will put these items in the cooler for you.

Can I add something to my order after I’ve already submitted my order?2020-12-28T01:18:26+00:00

Yes. We can help you make any adjustments to your order up until Noon Friday. After this time, we will do our best to accommodate but can’t guarantee. Just send us an email.

When is the deadline to place an order?2020-12-28T01:17:35+00:00

Please place your order by 9:00 pm on Thursday.

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