About Num Num Delivery Inc.


Our mission is to feed families high quality, locally grown, delicious food. We support local BC farms so they get a bigger share of the grocery dollar. This will protect our food security by strengthening local farmers and food manufacturers.

Take Care of Each Other

We are two good friends, Olena and Kai Sze, who have the same challenges and responsibilities as you do and we are your neighbours. We know all the effort and time required to take care of your family, your home, your business/work and how important it is to stay healthy and productive. Eating good quality food will give you essential nutrients and energy to maintain a balanced life especially in these difficult times of COVID-19.

High-Quality Products Delivered To Your Door

We offer delivery services to bring farm-fresh foods directly to people’s homes. We select high-quality foods grown locally (in-season), mainly organic and deliver it right to your door. In the off-season, we have sourced high quality organic imported produce as well as local produce where possible. We have also expanded our offerings by sourcing organic dairy products, ethically-raised poultry (free-run, antibiotic-free) and great tasting locally-made products such as vegan burgers. We save you time, energy and money so you can focus on other important things.

Personal History

A little bit about us, Olena, has an extensive background in agricultural farming. She knows how hard farmers work and how grateful they are when their produce is appreciated. She believes connecting local farmers directly to consumers will support the local economy and benefit all parties. Kai Sze owned and operated 2 restaurants and a corporate catering company, so she knows about the importance of fresh, good quality ingredients in making meals that taste amazing. Many years of experience taught her that naturally ripened produce, picked at the right time, and delivered fresh creates the best tasting and most nutritious dishes.

Num Num Delivery is meaningful to us because we find it rewarding to be able to provide a necessary and useful service and to share our love of delicious, healthy food. Let’s strengthen the connection within our community and support local businesses.